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Life is a very exciting, ever-changing, and possibly the most rewarding adventure you’ll ever have. Living skillfully requires mindfulness, education, determination, and discipline. With so many moving pieces at all times, it’s no wonder we often struggle and feel confused and challenged. I’ve made it my mission to help people figure things out, move forward with their plans, and untangle themselves from the confusion of uncertainty.

Relationships and sexuality, and health and wellness are my fortes and expertise. I’ve also helped people with the twists and turns of careers, business undertakings, life goals, life transitions, and all sorts of circumstantial cluster fucks.

On the following pages, I am offering my thoughts on various subjects. You can choose by category from the drop-down menu to the side. Please, share the articles. Leave me a comment from time to time. And, please, please, call me if you need someone in your corner to look out for you, support you, and help you.

It will be my pleasure!

I am a multi-interest person, creative thinker, and curious explorer, trying to figure out life, the Universe, and everything else. Mostly, I play in the domain of personal development and relationships. I stand on decades of practicing and studying yoga and Eastern philosophy. My Master’s in Psychology keeps the Eastern perspective balanced with Western science. To make things interesting, my degree in Economics and vast business experience as an entrepreneur, helps me understand the world of money and keeps me on track with my financial goals. My business clients seem to love the combination of understanding human behavior and financial savvy. Finally, I have a passion for writing. Hence, this blog.

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